Saturday, June 4, 2011

DJ Shadow continues to disappoint

For me, DJ Shadow's Endtroducing is a landmark album.  Released in 1996, it is truly an album that was ahead of it's time, and one that spawned many copycats (I'm looking at you RJD2 and Moby). Since then,  he has released a couple albums here and there, experimenting with new genres (hyphy, funk and soul), essentially moving away from the sound he pioneered.  Really none of this has lived up to Endtroducing. I feel the same way about his new panned-out single called "I gotta Rokk".  It's ok.   But it's probably something that will get lost in my vast musical collection and rarely ever see the light of day again.

I gotta rokk, I gotta rokk (2011)

Midnight in a Perfect Work, Endtroducing (1996)

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