Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tyler, The Creator | Goblin

Ok it hasn't been officially released yet, but the album is out there if you want it. And why wouldn't you? This is one of the most hyped albums to come out so far in 2011.

The Yonkers video caught my attention when it hit YouTube. I'll admit that. Up until then I hadn't heard of OFWGKTA. As I watched the views skyrocket over just a couple weeks (views are at about 7 million right now) I thought this guy might actually have something. However, upon hearing the rest of the songs on Goblin, I've come to realize that Tyler, The Creator doesn't really have anything at all.

The album is littered with bad fruity-loop 101 beats, grating synths, lackluster rhymes, flowless rap and terrible punchlines. And these are just fundamentals. On top of that you have lyrical content awash in eye-rolling misogyny, homophobia, violence, excessive references to masturbation, cock sucking, rape oh and violence. Oh he's so shocking. On top of that, he complains about his recent bout of fame as if it's a curse. C'mon. I'm not buying it.

But no, he's not serious. And as evidenced in his lyrics, interviews and live performances, it is clear that he just "doesn't give a fuck". This attitude married with rap can actually work and it reminds me of another group that blew up on the blogosphere not too long ago: Das Racist. But Das Racist's brand of hipster-hop at least has good beats. They have stellar flow, clever rhymes and punchlines. They can pull it off - consistently, too. But for me, Goblin is just the opposite. It boils down to gimmicky rap that will eventually (hopefully) fizzle out once the hype dies down.

Tyler, I'll give ya Yonkers and the video. But the rest is terribly forgettable.

Listen to the track below to hear what "the best thing to happen to rap in a long time" sounds like:


  1. Your a fucking faggot that doesnt understand odd future 50 buck says you and middle age white guy that jut understand the music and the hype so stopping wasting your time reviewing stuff like this cause you probably just don't understand it and think it's shit and I'm not a homophobe faggot

  2. Nice. Understand it? What's there to understand? It's juvenile rap music. And by using your amazing logic, I guess because you don't like my opinion you just don't understand it and should stop commenting on stuff like this.

    Although I am middle-class white guy, I'm far from middle-aged. But thanks for taking the time to comment. And if you think being white has anything to do with it, check out this video:


  3. I think a lot of people just don't get the fact that the album is supposed to sound like shitty Fruity Loops because it sets the atmosphere for the lyrical content.
    Having said that, this is a pretty good album for someone as young as Tyler. Its a bit too long and some songs are hit-or-miss but its a decent concept album, which you don't see a lot in hip-hop.

    I agree that him complaining about fame gets kind of old, but at the same time its hard to imagine being in his shoes. One year you're just an unknown skater kid with dreams and plans, then a couple months later you're a promising rap artist and pitchfork darling. I guess this album was his way of dealing with his feelings or something.

    Idk, I thought this was a good album, far from amazing, especially because he sounds kind of bored sometimes and tracks like "Sandwiches" have less energy recorded vs how they sound live.
    And as for juvenile - it is very fucking juvenile, just like everything OF do. I've listened to Goblin a couple more times and it gets better, although it still kind of drags on. The hype surrounding it set expectations really high for no reason.

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